University of Adelaide: Sack Peter Høj


University of Adelaide: Sack Peter Høj 

on 10 February 2021    |    by DEFEND DEMOCRACY


Given Peter Høj spent his career as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland cultivating close ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a monstrous dictatorship currently orchestrating a vicious, systematic campaign of rape, torture and genocide against the Uyghur people while also brutalizing Tibet and Hong Kong, we call upon the University of Adelaide to reverse his appointment as Vice-Chancellor immediately.

A full accounting of his track record as UQ Vice-Chancellor demonstrates a stunning lack of morality in his dealings with international governments and conclusively proves his unfitness for the job. Høj served as a member of the board of the Chinese state’s Hanban Institute and accepted an “Outstanding Individual of the Year” award from the Chinese state for promoting Chinese government interests worldwide while the regime carried out brutal atrocities and crimes against humanity at home. Indeed, to this end, Senator James Paterson revealed in Parliament that Høj was subsequently paid a yearly bonus of $200,000 for “deepening UQ’s relationship with China” while China orchestrated genocide of ethnic minority groups. Peter Høj’s tenure at the University of 

Queensland involved going after and abusing students who protested his connections and decisions in relation to China in light of the CCP’s dark human rights abuses. In fact, he even awarded serving Chinese state officials like Xu Jie with honourary degrees and professorships even while they celebrated violence committed by pro-CCP individuals towards UQ students.

Given this terrible track record on international human rights, one augmented by his dismal failure to stand up to sexual assault on campus at UQ or protect student and staff welfare from punishing cuts and austerity measures, Høj’s appointment as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide is highly unconscionable and stands against both support for basic human dignity and the national interest. The University Council of the University of Adelaide must therefore immediately intervene and remove Høj as Vice-Chancellor or the State Government must intervene and amend the legislation of the University of Adelaide Act 1971 to allow the Minister for Education to remove Høj given these extraordinary circumstances.

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It’s time we sacked Peter Høj. Zero tolerance towards corruption. Do not victimise Adelaide uni after UQ.

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