Cancel The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Over Uyghur Genocide


Cancel The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Over Uyghur Genocide

on 20 January 2021    |    by DEFEND DEMOCRACY


Australia’s largest economic trading partner is carrying out genocide against Uyghurs and other ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang. Since 2016, millions of Uyghurs have disappeared into the grinding maw of Xinjiang’s gulag archipelago in the largest incarceration of a people based on their ethnic or cultural identity since The Holocaust. Whole villages have been emptied out and levelled; ancient mosques, shrines and Uyghur cemeteries bulldozed. Chinese state-sponsored sterilization campaigns and forced abortions lower Uyghur birth rates in a bid to preserve the primacy of Han settlers in the region and big data helps assist Chinese authorities in their detention sweeps. Former detainees

tell of extensive political indoctrination and psychological torture. They tell of brutal bashings and beatings for prisoners who refuse to give up Islam or announce their loyalty to the ruling Chinese Communist Party. Australia can no longer be complicit in these historic crimes by continuing to do business with this regime. One day, generations from now, young people will ask: who elevated themselves above the cowards and appeasers to say, ‘Not in our name’? We hope and pray they will learn that of all the nations of the world, Australia stood up in the face of this genocide.

Petition Request

                We therefore ask the House to hold a vote to cancel the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement in response to the Chinese government’s genocidal campaign against Uyghurs.

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