About us

+ Background

HongKonger Protection Against Chinese Expansion (HKPACE) is an Australia based organization founded in 2020 that is dedicated to taking action to combat domestic Chinese infiltration alongside supporters of the cause as proud members of the Hongkong nation abroad. Our resistance is founded on the recognition  that the fight against such expansion is most effective when we are able to find shared solidarity and camaraderie with.

+ Vision

Establish Hong Kong’s status as a nation that has the right to self-determination and to have this status recognized by Australian society and the international community. Hoping that in building a strong sense of national unity amongst Hongkongers in Australia, the generations to come will serve as the foundation that would continue to build towards and eventually inherit the birthright to Hong Kong self-determination. A milestone for the society would be to establish our presence among oppressed communities and to have reached the many pockets of Hongkongers nationwide with our message.

We Believe that the Hong Kong people is a unique product of an experiment in history that is unlikely to be replicated again. Our belief that the people of Hong Kong is destined to reclaim its right to self-determination lies in our faith in the people and its culture of adaptability and resilience.

We accept that the battle at home has largely been lost and it is now the responsibility of those fortunate enough to have made their way abroad to organize the community in preparation for an eventual return to the Hongkong homeland. At this stage, we must not waste our time on purely providing supportive services and damage control that contribute little to the cause. Representation and political power held in hands that are motivated only by empathy will lead to a prolonged movement that is bound to fizzle out. This approach to revolution, which is akin to managing a community center for entertainment and leisure purposes, is no revolution at all.

Reactionaries that hit back only when struck have placed the entire people at risk of losing sight of the ultimate revolutionary goal. This is done so by misleading the public to believing that by following the lead of the reactionaries that they have already done enough to help further our efforts. This sort of ‘activism’ serves only to satisfy their ego, it exists so that every night they can tell themselves that ‘I helped progress democracy today’. It is dangerous to allow those that are blissfully content with not having to search for a way towards the goal of independence to continue their representation over the Hong Kong people, as it threatens to use up the revolutionary flare that is withering out as is.

Though we must understand that it is not their fault that they are at the helm, our inaction has been our approval for them to stay where they are. Therefore by taking action, our society sought to wrest back control over the representation of the Hong Kong people, and steer the direction of the collective forward, to advance rather than just staying where we are.

We have but one goal – to retake our homeland by any means necessary. And thus we need a politically charged, clearly direction-driven vanguard force that is reinforced by an ever-developing, cohesive rhetoric. It is only by continuously working with an endgame in mind that we can strategize and plan ahead. We aim to implement such ideas by taking proactive, confrontational measures that will stop us from fighting a war of attrition our nation cannot afford.

We reject the narrative of a hegemonic Han identity and their demand for our loyalty based on a blood tie that has been fabricated to keep the many tribes it has assimilated into its homogeneity subservient. We embrace the dispelling of the myth of a Han Supremacy and the revival of an Imperialist China with our advocating for a new identity, a distinctly Hong Kong identity that has been born out of shared culture, experiences, and values based on civil liberties and direct democracy.

+ Tenets

Empowerment to new generations of Hong Kong youths to develop their rhetoric and skill set to take concrete action for the cause

Solidarity by working with other underrepresented nations and peoples to solidify our claims to self-determination

Preservation and further construction of a clear Hong Kong national identity worldwide, claiming our place as a nation to be recognized

Liberation by any means necessary

Lead the revolution forward, by leading the movement as an ideological vanguard party