HKPACE is an Australia organization founded by members of the Hongkong community that is seeking to act against the expansion of the CCP into Australia and other such sovereign states.
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Campaigning for the resistance of Chinese infiltration and the consolidation of the Hongkonger identity.
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Jan 29 2021

UQ 香港民族集會講座

06:00 - 07:00

Today has been 180 years since Hong Kong’s founding. In nearly 2 centuries of struggles,…

Jun 07 2020

Never Forgive, Never Forget. Stand with HK #MagnitskyActNow

08:00 - 05:00

On 12 June 2019, tens of thousand protesters gathered outside the HK Government Headquarters attempted…

Oct 23 2020

#save12hkyouth campaign

12:00 - 11:59

Global Solidarity with twelve Hong Kong youths

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